Sarkar Energy Private Limited


Hydro Power Services


Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is an essential requirement to assess the possibility and viability of the project. In the light of the primary idea of the client, we analyze the facts, data, environment, required deliverables, project profitability, and more. Our team of experts visits sites, contacts relevant departments, and has some counseling with the client. After due deliberations, our experts finally prepare a comprehensive feasibility report.

Drawing and Design

Keeping in view the exact project requirements, provided details, and ground realities, our technical team prepares all types of drawings required at different stages of projects. Also, a suitable and best-fitted design is made to construct the project to adhere to the project’s requirements and give an efficient performance.

Procurement and Supply

Based on sound experience and trustworthy liaisons with vendors, our team strictly follows the required timeline and quality standards in procuring all types of equipment, tools, consumables, commodities required for a particular project according to provided specifications. We have to capacity to procure locally as well as internationally. We have very professional arrangements to collect from the manufacturer and deliver at the client’s warehouse or project site. All steps and procedures involved in these procedures are completed in a highly professional manner.

Civil Construction

As our company is full EPCC, it has a separate department to perform the civil construction works involved in the project. We perform civil works required in the construction of Power plants. At the same time, our scope encompasses all-inclusive and exclusive civil constructions.

E & M Services

We have a veteran team of engineers and technical hands who perform state-of-the-art erections & installations tasks (E & M). Given timeline and equipment, order and performance are always preferred.

Testing and Commissioning

Testing and commissioning any power project is a very critical phase. This phase determines whether the particular project will achieve targets and perform successfully or embrace failure. Keeping in view the significance of this phase, we always deploy a seasoned professional.

O & M Services

For running the successful and unproblematic operation of the project, we have experts that are exclusively engaged for this. Our team knows how to comply with the checklist for operating efficiently. Also, they are well trained to respond immediately to any problem occurring presently to avoid or overcome any emergency.