Sarkar Energy Private Limited


Sarkar Energy Private Limited

We deal in Electro-Mechanical works and Civil Constructions. The core business is the Construction (EPCC) of Power Plants by harnessing renewable resources, including – Hydro Power (water energy), Solar Energy, and Wind Energy.

Renewable Energy Services


Hydro Power

Water power or hydropower is converting falling or running water into electricity or power for machines. The water source's gravitational potential or kinetic energy is converted into electricity.

Solar Power

The sun's radiant light and heat can be harnessed in various ways, including solar power to generate electricity, solar thermal energy for water heating, and solar engineering.


Wind Power

A wind turbine is used to generate electricity using wind power. A sail, a windmill, and a windpump all utilize wind power. Energy from wind is a prevalent, durable, and renewable resource with a much smaller environmental impact than burning fossil fuels.