Sarkar Energy Private Limited


Company Overview

Sarkar Energy is a Private Limited Company established with the scope of Electro-Mechanical works, Civil Construction and consultancy, and Project Management Services. We mainly focus on renewable energy projects, including Hydro, Solar, and Wind Power Power Projects as EPCC. We also provide O & M Services in related fields.

Due to its assorted departments and allies, Sarkar Energy creates difference and enjoys a competitive edge. Along with having seasoned professionals and experts in the technical and engineering sector, it has its departments of moving/transportation, Freight forwarding, Supplies, and Import/export. That is why Sarkar Energy provides quality and speedy services to its valued clientele.

Sarkar Energy prioritizes the needs of all of its allies, including honorable clientele, vendors, and staff members.



Sarkar Energy private limited will deliver an unmatched quality service, introducing innovation and advanced technology. Ultimately Sarkar Energy will become Pakistan‘s top leading company in power generation, especially in the renewable energy sector.

The main objective of Sarkar Energy is to provide consultancy and services for power generation, including engineering design, drawing, manufacturing, supply, testing, commissioning of Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical, Including project management, O & M with the government, semi-government, public, and private sector.


Human Resource

Sarkar Energy firmly believes that project success lies in human resources’ expertise and team effort. We are confident of having highly experienced & dedicated HR. For this, Sarkar Energy always prefers merit-based decisions. Also, Sarkar Energy plans training sessions to uplift confidence and expertise.

The other very important factor; Sarkar Energy has planned to give well-regarded accommodation to its valuable employees in its residential area.

To honor the outstanding services of HR, Sarkar Energy has formulated a well-organized incentive system. This motivating system proved to be very helpful in utilizing the utmost potential of workers.

Sarkar Energy has promoted a peaceful working environment. Honoring high ethical and moral values is the fundamental norm of our organizational culture.

This attitude helps develop a healthy working environment, positive and timely response to clientele, high professional tone, and solid solutions to problems.

All these factors resultantly produce high-rated performance.

Organizational Culture

Service Quality

Sarkar Energy always tries to provide quality service to its clients by deploying a highly experienced team of engineers & technicians.

No matter how technical the project, it will be performed by our highly specialized and qualified team.

Sarkar Energy designs a good chain of downward, upward & parallel communication to get desired results.

Our management continuously focuses on optimizing time, capabilities, and other available resources.